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Become a member and get 40 minutes extra added to your Brainarm sessions if you pay yearly, or 10 minutes extra if you pay monthly.
If you are an advanced or professional composer, instead, you will get 20 minutes extra coaching during your training to become a Brainarm Coach.
* This offer does not apply to free sessions. If you choose the monthly option, you can add 10 minutes only if you book at least one session on that month.
** Valid for both yearly and monthly payment options.
When you donate, you will be mentioned amongst the list of Brainarm supporters on our website The more you give, the higher you will be featured in the list. Those who donate 50£ or more will get the same advantages as members and considered as such. Donors who give 100£ can choose to have their name as name-link pointing to their own website*, while those who give 150£ or more, in addition will also get a banner-link in our ‘Partner’ section.
[* No websites promoting religion or showing violence, weapons, nude or anything that is considered offensive will be allowed. If your website falls into one or more of those categories will be removed without notice and with no refund of the sum donated..]