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 Which some experts refer to as “The future of music”

Music Copyist working remotely (worldwide publicity in exchange)  

WPTA UK is looking for a Professional Copyist.

You will be required to copy Brainarm and other music, working remotely from your home.

In exchange, you will get publicity on 2 worldwide visited websites ( and Also, your name and URL will be published on the scores themselves which will be available to download for free at

Be part of a music revolution by joining our team for Brainarm Full Compositional Coaching (know more about Brainarm here:

This is an exchange of services based collaboration.

 Get in touch if interested.

Blue Birds Flying and Singing (pag.2)

Pianist wanted (worldwide publicity in exchange)

Calling worldwide qualified and professional pianists interested in performing and recording new music in exchange for great publicity on two worldwide visited websites. This collaboration can happen remotely and more than one pianists might be selected.


Brainarm music

This is a cutting-edge project which has recently been reviewed by some world-renowned personalities in music. It is about Full Compositional Coaching, allowing both musicians and non-musicians to compose high-quality music by means of an expert, but without being influenced. Some recordings and music scores are already been published at and further will be published as soon as ready.

You can visit this website and go to the music section to download them for free (

Other new music

Performing or recording new solo piano and ensemble music (visit for details about the available repertoire).

Best recordings will be published on the above respective websites and the participating pianists will be advertised there indefinitely, as long as they provide at least one professional recording per year.

Should you wish to take part in any or both of the above projects, you will be provided with the selected music sheets for free.
Better quality interpretation + recording will be preferred.

Please, get in touch by sending an email to uk [at] wpta [dot] info, with your CV attached and links to your videos/audios. And do not attach other files apart from the CV file, as this will cause your application to be ignored.

We aim to start a fruitful collaboration as soon as possible.
Best wishes.

Here is another interview with Maestro Guido Mallardi about Brainarm full compositional coaching 


Brainarm interview

Second interview about Brainarm

For more information about the Brainarm, visit our website

Cheeky Fest

Dan Nicholson – Pianist and founder of Cadenza Music Tuition:

Talking about the Brainarm during the demonstration held by Guido Mallardi at Hanna&Sons piano shop in summer 2018. 

On Quora we have asked composers what they think about “democratic composition”:

“Do you think it is impossible for non-musicians to compose straightaway at a high level by means of a “human interface”, an expert pianist and composer, yet without being influenced by them?”

Read their opinions at

We hope (and are working hard) to see this strong position change during the next few years.

In particular, attempts have been made by a composer, representing the common viewpoint on the topic, to heavily challenge Brainarm.

The debate between him and Guido Mallardi happened on “Piano Network UK” Facebook group”.
Unfortunately, this group is private. However, you can find the screenshot at this address:

More positive opinions can be found on Yell:
and Google Maps:
as well as at

Express yourself through BRAINARM!

WPTA UK - BrainarmBrainarm is an incredible coaching technique that allows musicians and non-musicians (talented or untalented) to compose straightaway at a high level, by means of a “human interface”. This trained and expert pianist-composer coach provides the entire know-how and piano technique on your behalf, allowing your own music and ideas to flow and be written on the score.

No theory and instrument lessons needed at all.

No particular talent required.

Everyone can! Even tone-deaf.

No influence from the coach.


Since 2011 about one hundred people have composed great music and all of them were successful straight at their very first Brainarm session, starting composing after only 30 seconds to 5 minutes

100% success guaranteed!

Your music out or your money back!



Brainarm also helps with expressing emotions and can improve self-esteem.

Premium service allows you to have your music professionally engraved in digital format, performed, recorded in mp3, timestamped for protection and distributed on most popular online platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Be part of this great revolution in music!


There you can also read testimonials, listen to music composed by non-musicians and watch videos about the method.

Sessions are held online (Skype) or at our studio in West London (W7 2HH) 
Brainarm empowers people to compose great music!

Piano teachers and music schools wishing to keep their students and enrich their curriculum should read this

Considering that 80-90% of new piano students give up their music lessons within a few months, you could save part of your income by offering them a Brainarm Full Compositional Coaching service,as nearly 1 student out of 4 don’t quit  immediately (or don’t quit at all) if a good alternative like Brainarm is offered to them.

And in order to save time (as time is money), you can provide your Brainarm coaching from home as it is also possible to brainarm online.

For more information visit or get in touch.

Where can Brainarm make a huge difference?

– Music institutes (conservatories, private schools and music academies)
– Colleges and Universities
– Music festivals
– Primary and Secondary schools
– University of the Third Age
– Mental health centres
– Elderly care centres
– Orphanages
– Prisons
– Drug rehabilitation centres

and much more…

Visit to discover how Brainarm can be beneficial for emotional balance.